Y es, Yes, Yessssss…. We want it, that thing; that marriage and not just any marriage but THAT marriage! We know it, we feel it, and we admire it! We’ve all seen the perfect couple who, through thick and thin are in “it” together. You know THAT marriage; the one of our dreams! We want the love, the fun, the romance, and the longevity. We want what we look at in awe in the Obamas; smile at like old friends when we see Will and Jada, and long for the longevity of Tom and Rita. Yes we want THAT… Yes we want THAT MARRIAGE!

Well, I'm here to tell you what the other experts are hiding. After years of study and research, I've discovered the secret to a healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationship with that perfect partner. It's just a click away. I won't be able to offer this program at such a low price for long! Imagine just for a moment your perfect relationship...does it look something like this? It’s full of life! You know the type of energy and passion that never fails to take your breath away, the feeling you have knowing you’re part of a perfect match, with someone who will always have your back. The feeling of joy and laughter that reminds you of “puppy love”, but it’s grown up and mature.

There is open communication. Not just talking and transferring information but a real communication: actual deep, meaningful, soul revealing communication where you can complete each other sentences. You truly feel as if you know them and they know you. There is a sense of being connected and loved. Sex isn’t just sex...it's real intimacy. You share the same financial goals, and spiritually you are evenly yoked. You know how to end conflict without ending. It’s the relationship of your dreams! What more could you ask for EXCEPT...HOW DO I CREATE THIS RELATIONSHIP AND END THE LONELY CYCLE OF DATING? QUIT PRETENDING AND FIND YOUR TRUE HAPPINESS!

"Single Americans make up more than half of the adult population for the first time since the government began compiling such statistics in 1976."


S ome 124.6 million Americans were single in August, 50.2 percent of those who were 16 years or older, according to data used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly job-market report. That percentage had been hovering just below 50 percent since about the beginning of 2013 before edging above it in July and August. In 1976, it was 37.4 percent and has been trending upward since. AREN’T YOU TIRED OF BEING ONE OF MILLIONS OF SINGLES PRETENDING THAT YOU ENJOY THE SINGLE LIFE? BORED WITH THE INFAMOUS QUESTION…"So why are YOU single"?

Aren’t you just ready for a meaningful and loving bond?

How do you avoid becoming a continued part of these statistics?

In the Marriage Blueprint and Proposal we lay out a proven plan for you!

What is the number one cause of divorce?

In today’s society of hook up sites, Netflix and chill, and situation-ships how do you create a meaningful, healthy relationship that leads to happy long-lasting marriage? Better still, how do you avoid the staggering divorce rate once you get married? With over half of marriages failing in the first year, the odds are already stacked against you.

M ost singles today keep banging their heads against the wall, trying to find and maintain a successful relationship, without the proper tools and information. Think about it; who ever actually taught you HOW to have a healthy relationship?

It’s in our makeup to desire deep long lasting commitment, however...the current information that we have been programmed to receive is NOT helping. But there is good news! I’ve discovered from experience and through intensive study, that successful couples ALL have one thing in common...A successful plan. Successful couples are not winging it, they are preparing for success EVERYDAY! As a single person in today’s vastly lonely dating pool you may be feeling…
  • Afraid that the love you desire will never come along?
  • Worried that you might be alone in your older years?
  • Anxious that all the “good” ones are gone?
  • Concerned that you might be too “set in” your ways to have a long lasting love


Warning: The biggest obstacle to you having a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship is the erroneous information in everything that you have currently been taught.


W ith over 12 years of professional experience researching, developing, and creating 3 highly successful relationship workshops, 2 books, one on one coaching, and 3 classes and having spoken professionally to companies such as:

  • coke
  • united-way
  • accenture
  • general_electric_logo_2489
  • publix
  • wachovia

I know The Marriage Blueprint will help you reach your relationship goals. How you ask? Because, I have helped countless couples create the relationship that they desire. More importantly, I have helped myself. As a coach one of the hardest things to do is listenin
g to your own advice. I have personally put these tools into action and seen them work in my own relationships!

Now-The first thing I’m going to do for you is help you create a strategic plan to prepare you for that special someone, and develop a healthy relationship from the moment you meet. “You wouldn’t want to or couldn’t create this on your own.”

I had the honor of witnessing Febury speak at the 2nd Annual Black Dress POWER Dinner. During the event, I experienced a myriad of "aha moments" as she explained feminine energy coupled with a whistle blowing exercise. The energy was unbelievably high. She made the event a total EXPERIENCE. A life changing experience for me. Febury is a FORCE that the world will feel."

Ja'Nese Jean- Stars Social Club Founder

Letting a stranger into your circle is difficult and scary. Your caring and patient soul made it easier to let those walls down. I am thankful for your guidance and understanding in helping us move from dark to light and to continue to be "real" with each other. I not only feel better about my friendships but I also feel better about myself. There truly are no words to describe what happened that night. "


Here is exactly what you will discover inside

Section 1

  • Immediately from the first page begin to create a purpose and focus that will help to more easily attract a relationship.
  • Create a vision for your future relationship that makes you a magnet for the mate you desire.
  • Set goals/objectives for your future relationship that lead to sharing more life goals that are aligned. Hence, those that share similar goals and objectives grow together stronger.
  • Gain the knowledge and insight on how to sustain a solid relationship foundation to allow for longevity

Section 2

  • Naturally determine what is really valuable to you in a relationship without all the outside noise of what society says should be important which will help you authentically attract and keep a mate with the same values.
  • Learn how to create a space in your life and heart for a loving, support, and passionate sex life built on mutual trust.
  • Cut off the head on one of the root causes for divorce...finances before you even begin your relationship just by knowing the answers to a few of these questions.
  • Is being spiritually “yoked” really important to you? If you answered yes, then knowing the information in this session will add extra security that you will have a partner that shares your beliefs for a life-time.

Section 3

  • Remember it is a statistical fact that too much arguing is a high cause for divorce. Cut those statically results out of your future relationship and future marriage and avoid that relationship ending cause just by learning our outlined tools on conflict resolution.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication is the key to everything, but learning proper effective communication is the key to preventing negative things. Learn how to create open, authentic, bond inducing communication that has the added bonus of blocking infidelity!
  • Do you know that it’s important to know the standards of HOW you want your relationship to function at ALL TIMES ESPECIALLY when you are angry or emotional? Knowing this information will allow for love, trust, and faith in the relationship EVEN during the rough spells.
  • When you understand the WHY you can answer all of questions! Begin to understand YOUR why in your relationships and transform how you have relationships with a better healthier, long lasting result.
  • Finally, SEE and IDENTIFY your relationship and though it already exist AND have the confidence to make it happen NOW!

Option One

P urchase the fun, thought provoking, and easy to understand manual The Marriage Blueprint workbook and webinar for only $99.00.

And when you purchase all 3 sessions at once, you’ll be able to explore and enjoy at your leisure with the added BONUS of: “The 30 Day Healthy Relationship Challenge" journal and eBook FREE at no additional cost!

What I do for you in each session is essentially help you create a solid foundation “now” for today and tomorrow. Best part is I have made it easy! I have created a systematic plan that asks specific questions that are easily answered by you but make a huge impact! It’s fast! I have written this program in such a simplistic and easy to use format that tangible results will show up in your life after the first 45 minute session!

“Just imagine what your life will be like once you have and use this program!" You can invest 45 minutes of your time, learn something NEW, AND begin creating the steps for a healthy long-lasting relationship built on a solid foundation. OR You can keep doing what you are doing with no results while continuing the frustrating lonely cycle of dating and single hood! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!
Most relationship programs are 1500.00 or more and delivering far less! My proven program offers two easy purchasing options.

That’s right you get the entire blueprint series at a discount AND the 30 day healthy relationship challenge journal and eBook! If you are really ready to jump start meeting your future mate in a relationship that leads towards marriage this journal/eBook is a must have! It’s filled with wisdom, tools, ideas, and life changing steps to propel you into not only a healthy relationship but a healthier and happier YOU!

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